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Glass Splashbacks Sunshine Coast

We supply and install glass kitchen splashbacks in a variety of colours to suit.

Glass Splashbacks

Discount Glass supplies quality glass splashbacks at an affordable price. They are highly durable, colorful, stylish and easy-to-maintain.

A glass splashback can change the look of your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, office, and any other space you desire. Adding a splash of colour can completely transform a dull room into a work of art.

At Discount Glass our quality splashbacks are made to measure with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you are delivered a premium product.

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Glass Splashback Colour Range

sunshine coast glass splashbacks colour range
The possibilities are endless with our range of splashback colours and finishes. Using the Dulux colour range means that you have an amazing choice of over 4,650 colours! Not only do we add a splash of colour to your living area, our glass also comes in the added choice of finishes – standard, mirror, smoky mirror and bronze.

"We can match any colour you require!"

If you require help in deciding on the colour or style for your living area, our specialists will help you to select a design that will suit your taste and budget.

Custom Printed Glass Splashbacks

custom printed glass splashbacks sunshine coast
Our range of printed glass splashbacks means you can take your creativity to the next level! Stunning images can be digitally printed to add personality and a new dimension to your home.

Printed glass is the cost effective alternate to other more expensive options that have the same finished look such as marble, stone or granite. You can opt for a ‘natural’ look or bring some nature indoors with a stunning landscape.

You can even print a personalised photograph onto your new glass splashback by providing your own high resolution photo.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

sunshine coast glass splashbacks
A glass splashback is a practical feature that protects your wall from burn marks, dirt and discolouration.  Their hard wearing surface make them the perfect choice for cleaning and maintenance. The durable, flawless surface is the most hygienic option on the market, and as compared to tiles there will be no grimy and unsightly grout lines. Our quality glass splashbacks are resistant to scratches and heat, and can last a lifetime with proper care. They will uphold their style and elegance for many years to come.

Practical Installation

kitchen glass splashbacks sunshine coast
Installation of a glass splashback can be a very simple process. They can be fitted over flattened surfaces such as tiles, plasterboard, fibreboard, MDF, or any other smooth surface.

Installation by our trained staff takes around one hour for an average splashback. Your area will then be ready to use! No waiting time, no noise, and no mess.

Strength, Quality & Durability

dark glass splashback sunshine coast Heat resistant toughened glass with up to 10 years guarantee!
Our glass splashbacks are of the highest quality to ensure lifelong strength and durability. We supply and install 6mm low iron toughened safety glass panels to meet Australian Standards. Our glass splashbacks are heat and thermal shock resistant - panels will not shatter, crack, break or stain. The superb production, quality and installation means that our glass splashbacks come with an Industry-best guarantee of up to 10 years. Certification is provided on all work carried out.

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